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Taurus Zodiac Print

Taurus Zodiac Print by H.R. Giger was a 40x28 inch five color Zink Plate lithograph print that was sold as a signed and numbered edition of 290.  Art Description A dark and evil looking beast part machine part alien with long horns, hoofs, hard exoskeleton like skin and multiple waving tentacles lingers against a fantasy world background of riving surreal boy parts, hands, legs and insane looking creatures. Possible Interpretations (Leave your own thoughts below) A living fantasy world of al ...

Category:H. R. Giger
ArtistHR Giger
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Henry Ford Hospital Painting

Henry Ford Hospital Painting by Frida Kahlo was a 15.5x12.25 inch oil on metal painting created in 1932. This painting was also displayed as: The Lost Desire and was Frida's first use of metal as a media base. Art Description A woman's body (Frida's) lays bloody on a hospital bed with white sheets and multiple umbilical cords connected to a fractured human pelvis, a dying orchid flower bud, a machine, a female torso, a unborn child (Dieguito) and a snail. A tear falls from the woman's left eye ...

Category:Frida Kahlo
ArtistFrida Kahlo
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Camo Tramp Boy Print

The 2008 Camo Tramp Boy Print by Ron English was a 25x38 inch,  36 Screen Serigraph print that was sold as a signed and numbered edition of 100. The paper Ron used was 320 GSM Coventry Rag with deckled Edges. The print was a difficult undertaking due to the amount of colors and intricacy of them in the print, and this was one of his largest undertakings in 15 years. The print represents the need for many to join the army to escape their lives often loosing their youth. The print was hand pulled ...

Category:Ron English
ArtistRon English
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