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People: Lips

Slice It Up Print

The 2014 Slice It Up Print by Shepard Fairey was a 18 x 24 inch screen print that was sold as a signed and numbered edition of 100. This print pay homage to punk rock music. Art Description The 2014 Slice It Up Print features a mouth with no face, white teeth, thick black lips and wide open with a kinda smile. The mouth could be yelling, screaming, singing or a combination of them all. A traditional 2 edge razor blade is "slicing" across the mouth and the wording effectively "slicing them up". ...

Category:Shepard Fairey
ArtistShepard Fairey
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ELP XI Print

ELP XI Print by H.R. Giger was a 28x28 inch print that was sold as a signed and numbered edition of 495.  Art Description A dark alien interior or structure unfolds as a set of human yet monster lips, teeth and tongue morph out of the background. Possible Interpretations (Leave your own thoughts below) Giger created this artwork as concept art for a album cover for the rock and roll group Emerson, Lake and Palmer. The art has sexual undertones and most likely is just a sexy dark artwork from ...

Category:H. R. Giger
ArtistHR Giger
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