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Paradise Turns Print

The 2014 Paradise Turns Print by Shepard Fairey is a 18 x 24 inch screen print that was sold as a signed and numbered edition of 450. This print was created to highlight the fact that humanity has become very oblivious to the nature damaging constructions oil and gas companies have created and there will soon be trouble in paradise. Art Description A man and a woman dressed in 50's era bathing-suits sit on the beach on a red beach towel under a red umbrella as the water comes in waves around t ...

Category:Shepard Fairey
ArtistShepard Fairey
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High Tide Folding Screen Painting

High Tide Folding Screen Painting By Jack Youngerman size 144x72 oil on panel original art folding screen painting released in 1979. Art Description The painting depicts a folding screen painted with blue abstract wave like rounded patterns on a blue and gray beach like horizon. The paneling is a tan wood grain split into 4 panels. Possible Interpretations (Leave your own thoughts below) The Abstraction ls left to the imagination of the viewer. Words on Art None Art Price Guide/ Buy It No ...

Category:Jack Youngerman
ArtistJack Youngerman
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